Chateau La Fleur


In the ’70s, Jean-Pierre Eymas, Jérôme’s father, took over a part of his father René and grandfather Ulysse’s vineyard. In 1997, Jérôme succeeded his father as the head of the 60 hectares family vineyard. In 2001, his wife Valérie joined the family business.

The family are the guardians of their heritage for future generations. For many years, they’ve adopted environmental and socially responsible practices and make them an integral part of how they run their winery. It is their way of ensuring the health of the land and community for generations to come. The winery is HEV (High Environmental Value) certified.

This wine comes from the oldest wine region in Bordeaux, just across the river from famous estates on the Left Bank. Overlooking the Gironde Estuary, this amphitheatre of vines forms the La Rose Bellevue vineyard. It is located on the highest point of Saint Palais and its protected rows of vines are grown in mixed soils of fine gravel, sand and silt. The palate is lush with flavours of black currant and black cherry.