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Established in 2017, Medovino Imports is a wine agency in Ontario that represents independent producers of fine wine from around the globe. We bring with us over 35 years of hospitality and trade experience.

We are very passionate about wine. We love its history, soils, grapes, and the people that make them.

For most of our professional lives, we have been dedicated to the education and promotion of this cardinal beverage. We aim to responsibly represent our partners’ wines through teaching, unparalleled service and value, industry experience, and professionalism. Our wines have been carefully selected to represent great value in all price tiers: commercial, masstige (mass prestige), and premium.

This is creating a mutually beneficial partnership for Medovino and our customers, enabling us to grow together in an extremely competitive industry.

  • Greg Brewer

    Winemaker of the year 2020

    Brewer Clifton, Diatom, Ex-Post Facto

  • Chris Carpenter

    Winemaker Extraordinaire
    La Jota, Mount Brave, Caladan

  • Alison Findlay

    Grown Locally
    Flat Rock Cellars

  • Mario Piccini

    Redefining Italian Wine
    Piccini, Geografico, Torre Mora, Villa Al Cortile

  • Jérôme Eymas and Valérie Eymas

    One of the finest estates in Blaye and has been owned by the Eymas
    family for three generations.

  • Stefano Di Blasi & Federico Cerelli

    The genuises behind
    Tignanello and Solaia, and now SerPrimo and Poggio di Guardia.