Greg Brewer

Greg started his career as a French instructor at UC Santa Barbara before being trained in wine production at Santa Barbara Winery starting in 1991. He created his eponymous label, Brewer-Clifton with original partner Steve Clifton in 1996 and was the winemaker at another Santa Barbara County winery from its inception in 1997 through the end of 2015. Greg additionally created the label, Diatom, focusing on starkly raised Chardonnay, and Ex Post Facto, a Santa Barbara County Syrah. The entirety of his career has been committed to the Sta. Rita Hills appellation, which he helped to map, define, and establish in 1997.

We believe that when working with a product of nature, it is necessary to maintain an awareness of the elements that may be beyond our understanding and control. Any intervention in the natural evolution of the product must be carried out with the utmost attentiveness and care.

We believe that the geographic, geologic, and climatic uniqueness of the Sta. Rita Hills appellation provides an ideal place to grow chardonnay and pinot noir grapes of intensity, complexity, and specificity. Within this appellation, each vineyard carries its unique imprint. Our mission and indeed our passion is to present wines that convey the characteristics inherent to each of these sites, with uncompromising quality.