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2019 Terziere Levante (Boxed set of 3)

$72.95 x 3

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In the center of the enchanting Chianti Classico area, in 1961 seventeen farmers joined forces with the aim of enhancing the rich wine heritage of the region. The name Geografico highlights the strong link with the surrounding area. Despite this partnership, there remain special areas that shine as single-vineyards. This trio from the Radda, Castellina and Gaiole is the perfect expression of the famous Sangiovese and comes in a collectible wood case.


The complex harmonies of Terziere di Ponente owe their pronounced expressiveness to the vineyards along the southern slope of Castellina. Here, temperatures gradually increase, compared to the other two Terzieri, resulting in wines of warm and mature character. With its granitic character, these lands display an unparalleled elegance that reflect its nature in the continuous tension between bold soul and sublime aroma.


A few steps from Radda in Chianti is Villa, a 480m high village in the Tuscan countryside. Its generous hills are home to Terziere di Tramontano's vines. The sublime microclimate in these lands produces the finest Chianti Classico from high altitudes. The rigid temperatures that cloak the hills of Radda give the wine an elegant and vertical soul, refreshed by a precious acidic vein and a delicious mineral influence.


The charming medieval hamlet of Vertine is perched 350m above sea level on the hills that surround Gaiole. The slopes are covered with the vineyards that produce the Terziere di Levante. Gaiole, a mosaic territory, incorporates many of the most important characteristics of this slice of Tuscany, from its brightest and boldest notes to its most intriguing and spicy shades. This exuberant kaleidoscope of flavours translates into a wine with an intimate sweetness and exceptional elegance.

Per bottle $72.95
Type Red
Producer Geografico
Country Italy
Appellation Chianti Classico DOCG
Grape Sangiovese
Region Tuscany
Case quantity 3
Alcohol % 14.5
Sugar Dry